Celebrate National 4-H Week-October 7th-13th, 2018 by creating a 4-H Window Display!

What is a Window Display?

4-H Window Displays promote 4-H in Barron County.  By promoting 4-H, window displays may help recruit members or raise awareness within a community that 4-H members play an active role.  The businesses that allow 4-H displays in their windows show that they support youth development in Barron County.

4-H Window Displays are up during National 4-H Week, which is always the first full week of October.
In 2018, it’s October 7-13th.

A club/project group should pick a theme and build their display around that theme.  Window displays range from taking up an entire window and using props to creating a large poster which hangs in a business window.

Why should your club or project group do a Window Display?

The Barron County 4-H Association is offering CASH AWARDS to participate!

1st Place – $100; 2nd Place – $75; 3rd Place – $50; 4th Place – $25

All other clubs/groups who follow the rules and have all components within their window display will receive $15 for participating!

What are the Window Display Rules?

Window displays must be in place by noon on October 7th, and taken down by October 13th.

Club/group name must be in display.

UW-Extension phone number must be in display so people can call for more information (715-537-6250).

Displays must say that it is National 4-H Week.

A photo (or multiple photos if needed to show all aspects) must be emailed to Meredith.arcand@ces.uwex.edu, mailed, or dropped at the UW-Extension office by October 10th.  These photos will be used for judging.

Photos should be accompanied by a location address and description, so judges know exactly where the display is located.

What is evaluated during judging?

Location: Is the window in a high-traffic area where many people will see the display?

Rules: Does the display contain all the required information?  (See rules above.)

Theme: Does the display follow a theme?

Visibility: Is the display eye-catching and inviting to look at?

4-H Promotion: Does the display promote 4-H by making it appealing to youth and families?

Neatness:  Is the display neat and not cluttered?

Lettering:  Are words on the display easy to read?