Manure Applicator 101 Training

The Division of Extension Office in Chippewa County will host two Manure Applicator 101 Training’s in Barron and Chippewa counties.

The Barron County training will be:

Date:   March 20th, 2020

Place:  Barron County Government Center, Room 110 in Barron

Cost:  $10 (payable at the door)

The Chippewa County training is March 25th in Chippewa Falls at the Chippewa County Courthouse, Room 13.  Registration will open at 12:30 pm.  This training is designed for farmers and custom manure applicators to assist in safe and accurate application of manure.

Topics covered will include manure gas safety, safe road operation, manure application setbacks and regulations, manure spill response, and operator health and safety.  Participants completing the training will receive a certificate of completion.

For more information or to pre-register, contact the Barron County Extension Office at 715-537-6256, or for the Chippewa County Extension Office 715-726-7950.