Winter Camp Registration Instructions

Winter Camp is February 20-21(virtual and in-person)

Sign me up! How do I register?

Register at

You are able to register for events through 4-H online!  All you need to do is log-in to your 4-H online account, click events (over on the left) and register for the events you want.  This one is listed under Area 2 – Project Discovery.  If you see the Wisconsin 4-H Area 2 logo, you are in the right event.

I’m not a 4-H member, How do I register?

You will still register through and register as a new user (if this is your first event) – it will look like you are registering for 4-H but after you put in all of the demographic information you will be able to choose that you want to participate but not join 4-H.  Once you sign-up for an account, you will only have to register for events from here on out.

Instructions for registering: 4-H Member Event Registration | Non 4-H Member Event Registration