Master Gardener Volunteer Week, April 5-9, 2021

Join us in celebrating Master Gardener Volunteer Week, April 5-9.  Master Gardener Volunteers make positive impacts in their communities through hours of community service by answering diagnostic questions, growing and donating food to local pantries, beautifying community spaces, conducting workshops, and more!  Across Wisconsin, Master Gardener Volunteers work tirelessly to make our communities incredible places to live.  How have Master Gardener Volunteer made a difference in your Community.

If you would like to send a thank you online, just click here:  Thank a Barron County Master Gardener

If you would prefer to send a thank you card, you can mail it to the address below:

Barron County Extension Office

Barron County Government Center

335 E. Monroe Avenue, Room 2206

Barron, WI 54812