Junior Leaders Food Stand Manager Application

Junior Leader Food Stand Manager Needed

The Barron County 4-H Junior Leaders Food Stand is a popular stand at the Barron County Fair. It is known for its malts and shakes, and serves other foods in addition.  All work in the stand is coordinated by Food Stand Managers, including deciding on menu, shopping, scheduling and training workers, handling money, set up and clean up.  Usually, two or three youth take on the duties together, as managers are also expected to coordinate their time at the fair so the stand has a manager at all times.

Junior Leaders Food Stand managers are paid for their time.  Managers receive $100 each plus they split 20% of the food stand profits.

Any 4-H youth (16 and older) can apply for the Food Stand Manager position. To be a successful candidate, you should have worked at the food stand previously, have money handling experience and customer service experience.  Applicants will be interviewed by the Junior Leaders adult advisors.  The application form is due May 5, 2021

Application Information