Food Security/Emergency Food Resources

Part of being a community is caring for the people who live there and helping each other succeed. Barron County has an organization whose purpose is to care about the neighbors in our communities, especially those who are facing the trials of poverty. The Community Connections to Prosperity Coalition (CCP) seeks to empower every one of our neighbors in Barron County with skills, resources and personal connections so that we may all enjoy lives free of poverty. Our goal is to bring organizations, businesses, and community members together to focus on helping those in poverty rise above it.

We have all had times in our lives when things have not gone right and we have found ourselves in a difficult situation. We could have used a helping hand or have been given information of where to turn. Community members/neighbors who are experiencing difficult times because of unexpected bills, losing their job or seeing an increase in their monthly and weekly bills, many times find it hard to let friends or others know about the situation they are experiencing. They find it hard to ask for help, then struggle to get through it on their own. Food security can become a challenge when life is disrupted, and money runs short.

Please consider being a part of our coalition to help those in our community in greatest need.  We are a 501(c) nonprofit and all donations are tax deductible.  We would love for you to get involved and see what a difference we can make to end poverty in Barron County.  For more information on Community Connections to Prosperity, please contact:  Lori Zahrbrock, Coalition President, 715-736-2437.  If interested, click here for more details . . .Food Security-Emergency Food Resources Info. Dec. 2021.