Area 4-H Member attends 4-H Space Camp

Local 4-Her attends Space Camp in Huntsville, AL 

By Kiera/Sarah Fox, 

Vermillion Cruisers 4-H Club (Cumberland WI) 

Over 180 cosmos loving youth and volunteers, representing Wisconsin 4-H clubs boarded busses and blasted off to Space Camp at the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Kiera Fox of the Vermillion Cruisers club in Cumberland represented the Barron County 4-H program. Space Camp is an educational experience aimed at combining real-world applications of science, technology and mathematics, and also serves as the official Visitor Center for NASA Marshall Space Flight Center and is a Smithsonian Institution affiliate. Wisconsin 4-H attendees enjoyed a weekend of NASA mission control simulated launches, space walks, Artemis mission updates, live views from the International Space Station and more. Kiera reports that they even wrote postcards that will soon be sent into space and then mailed back to camp attendees. When asked what she enjoyed most about her Space Camp experience, Kiera stated, “I really liked the space presentations, the mission control simulator, the multi axis training, and meeting kids from all over Wisconsin.” When asked if she got the inside scoop on alien life in our universe, she replied in a very serious tone, “No comment.”  Kiera hopes to serve as a youth mentor at Space Camp next year.

As a 4-H member, youth have many opportunities to find their “sparks” through experiences at the club, county, state, and national level.  Space Camp is just one of the opportunities.  To learn more about Barron County 4-H please visit or call us at the Extension office (715-537-6250).  

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