2023 Tractor Safety June 19-22 Registration Open

2023 Tractor Safety June 19-22

*Please complete a separate registration for each student

To Register, Visit: https://barron.extension.wisc.edu/tractorsafety

For questions: Call 715-537-6250

Course Fees: $20 (Payment can be made out to UW Extension Barron County. Mail Payment to: Extension Barron County attn: Tractor Safety 335 E Monroe Ave Room 2206, Barron WI 54812  

The Wisconsin Youth Tractor & Machinery Safety Certification Program is designed to meet state and federal requirements for youth.12-13 year olds operating tractors or self-propelled implements on public roads under direction of their parent or guardian or for work related to their family farm operation; 14-15 year olds who will be employed (or working without pay) by farms not operated by their parents/family.

Youth will Learn: Safe Tractor and Implement Operation and Farm Safety Techniques including identifying potentially hazardous situations and how to reduce risk of injury; Tractor instruments, controls, maintenance and safety inspections of tractors; Proper use and operation of tractors and tractor limitations.

Certification Requirements: Eligible students must be 12 years old or older prior to the beginning of the course; Attend 24 hours of instructional training; Pass written examination with a minimum score of 70%; Pass a practical driving examination demonstrating safe operation of tractor and 2 wheel implement through obstacle course.

Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday-8:30AM-3:30PM

Thursday: 8AM-Noon (testing)

Student should bring lunch for each session.  Milk, juice and/or water will be provided.

Location: Barron High School (1050 Woodland Ave, Barron WI 54812)Course Fees: $20 (Payment can be made out to Barron County UWEX.  Mail Payment to:  Extension Barron County attn: Tractor Safety 335 E Monroe Ave Room 2206, Barron WI 54812

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