Horse Project Training Center Calender

Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning June 6th through July 6th Location: Barron County Fairgrounds 6PM-8PM


Tues., June 6 : Open Riding Clinician: Kim Z- Pleasure-Judge’s Perspective Tues., June 13 : Open Riding Clinician: Makenna- Showmanship Tues., June 20th Open Riding Clinician: Sherrie Nichols Equitation/Horsemanship Tues., June 27th: Open Riding Clinician: Sherrie Nichols- Equitation/Horsemanship


Thursday, June 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th Gymkhana: Amanda Carlson

Horse Project Drill Team

Sundays Location: Barron County Fairgrounds

Novice & Horseless Horse Training Centers

Mondays beginning May 15 at 6 PM Location: 2544 22nd St, Rice Lake WI

Pre Registration Required: Contact Sheila Kissling to Register: 715-651-1213 or Register by may 8

May 15 Do not bring horse. Safety and Biosecurity, helmet choice, boots, how can my family, friends, and myself be safe around horses? Clothing & exhibitor number info. May 22 Do not bring horse. Tack fit and different features, how does this affect my horse? Is my tack bothering my horse? Is my bit legal? Are my reins legal? May 29 Bring your horse if you wish! Showmanship, clipping, grooming. June 5 Bring your horse if you wish! Showmanship and Saddle up! Rider Positioning. How do I ask for the correct leads? 180/360 turns, forehand/hindquarter turns, arena safety June 12 Bring your horse if you wish! Saddle up! June 19 Bring your horse if you wish! Saddle up! Patterns, how do I interpret these? June 26 Bring your horse if you wish! Trail In hand and Saddle up for trail! July: TBD

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