Volunteers Needed! – Education Station

Extension Barron County and UW Eau-Claire Barron County are partnering to bring the “Education Station” to the Barron County Fair, and we need you! Please share with anyone you think might be interested in helping make this happen. 

Sign up here:  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0C4DACA92CA6FAC43-49611570-education#/

Housed in the Youth Expo Building, the Education Station will feature the popular cooking demonstrations, which started in 2022 and will feature hands-on educational activities and demonstrations throughout the fair week (July 17-July 21). 

Feel free to sign up for a slot to demonstrate a favorite recipe, educational demonstration, or hands-on activity for fairgoers! Individual groups/organizations are asked to secure donations/supplies if needed. Limited funding will be available to purchase supplies if needed.

Types of Activities/Events:

Activities should be appropriate for youth and families of all ages but can be targeted to a specific demographic/audience/topic. They should be interactive and engaging. You can also provide supplies for a project that you can take and make or make for a specific purpose (make something to give to nursing home residents, for example).    

Hands-on Activities/Demonstrations

This is new; the sky is the limit!  Teach a new skill, provide a hands-on activity kit, and make clay beads.  Whatever you think is interesting, let’s try it.  The goal is to provide an educational activity space to get youth/families interested in learning something new (or giving back to the community) – We will have sewing machines going in this space with an ongoing sewing project to fill in the gaps-how fun is that!

Cooking Demonstration Information/Tips

Please plan to have participants cook with you during the demonstration.  You can limit the number of participants, as we don’t know how many to expect in our audience.  Whatever you have room for is how many you can take.  There is no right or wrong way to do this, but people do love samples.  Last year, some pre-made samples for people to try.  Others had participants wait and come back to try it fresh out of the oven.  Some had it available to try already made, and then had another batch fresh when it was ready.  The timing is up to you.  If you have questions, please contact Missy Bablick at 715-788-6217 or missy.bablick@wisc.edu

A schedule of what’s happening in the education station will be posted with the daily schedule and can be found in the Expo building. Participants will have the opportunity to cook with volunteers, community organizations, and families that love cooking together! Utilizing ovens donated by Amundson Appliance in 2022, volunteers will give hands-on cooking demonstrations and allow individuals to try some delicious cooking.  

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