Barron County Fair

“Good Old Fashioned Fun” at the Barron County Fair

July 20th-24th, 2016

Visit the Barron County Fair Website at  This is where you can find the Fair Book!

For information about entries, see the Fair Book or contact Fair Secretary, Jacque Schaffer, at 715-296-0440 or 715-736-FAIR.  The most up to date Fair Book is available on the fair website.  To follow the fair on Facebook, log in and search for Barron County Fair.

Poultry is back at the Barron County Fair!

Pullorum Testing for Fair Exhibits

All poultry, including waterfowl and game birds shown in public exhibition, shall originate from flocks designated as “US pullorum-typhoid clean” under the national Poultry Improvement Plan or from equivalent flocks, or shall have had a negative pullorum-typhoid test within 90 days of movement to public exhibition.  Only sexually mature birds over four (4) months of age having a full complement of fully developed feathers are required to be tested.  No testing will be done on entry day of the fair; testing must be done prior to the fair.  Non-certified NPIP flock requires Wisconsin Poultry Test Form as proof of test with results.
Pullorum testing will take place July 7, 3:30-6:30 p.m., at the Barron County Fairgrounds in the Dairy Area.  A leg-band will be applied to poultry being tested. If poultry members have leg bands from previous years that are not being used, bring them with the poultry to the testing site.  Youth are asked to have a parent or someone else along who is strong enough to hold the birds while they are tested.  No turkeys tested or exhibited at the fair.  Questions may be directed to Caroline Dostal, Poultry Superintendent, at 715-458-2425.