Join 4-H

To Join 4-H in Barron County:

  • Look at the Club Leaders Contact Information and Map of Clubs (updated Sept 2018) and find clubs that are in your area.  You may directly contact the club leaders to find out when the club meets, what the club expectations are, how many members the club currently has and their ages, etc. to help you decide which club would best fit your family.  When you decide on a club, let the leader know you are interested in attending their next club meeting and confirm the time and place.


  • Re-Enrollment-Begins September 6th, 2018 for 2018-2019 4-H year!

    For 2018-2019 re-enrollment, the 4HOnline-Re-Enroll for existing Members, Families, and Leaders has step-by-step instructions for the re-enrollment process.

    To get started with the re-enrollment process, log into 4-H Online, click Continue to Family, then for each family member you will have to click on Enroll for 2018-2019. Proceed through the information updating or filling in as needed, clicking Continue when done with each page. On Participation – > Projects feel free to update projects for this year by adding or deleting projects, once complete click on Submit Enrollment.  EVERY leader and member must enroll through 4HOnline, if you have questions please contact the UW-Extension Barron County office at 715-537-6250.

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    Enrollment – For New Families

    In fall 2013, Wisconsin families started enrolling in 4-H over the internet, using a web-based program called 4HOnline.  Call the UW-Extension Office if you have questions about enrollment. New Enrollment instructions are at the bottom of this page.

    Families will create an account as a “family” and enter each individual member’s project selections. Adult volunteers will also enroll this way. The website address is:

    Because this program is web-based, 4-H Online can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection. You can use a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Libraries provide internet access, and many restaurants and other businesses offer free Wi-Fi access. To aid families that may not have internet access or a device to access the internet, the UW-Extension office will have a 4HOnline registration station available (by appointment only) during normal business hours. Let us know if you have any questions about this new process.


  • You will receive a confirmation when your enrollment process is complete!




You are able to switch 4-H clubs in Barron County.  If you decide to switch to a new 4-H club, please do the following:

  • First, contact the leader of your current 4-H club and let her/him know of your plans.
  • Second, contact the leader of the club you wish to join.
  • Go online to and log in with your member information. DO NOT create a new member family!
  • Request to change clubs and wait for approval from the new 4-H Club Leader and the Barron County UW-Extension office.