4-H Forms

Performance Arts Festival–Saturday, April 18, 2020

Registration Deadline: April 1, 2020
Entry Forms and Event Information:
Entry form Speaking and Reading |  Entry form Music
Entry Form Group Musical PerformanceEntry form Drama
Entry Form Demonstration

4-H Camp (2020 PoCroixBar Camp)

Camp Counselor Application-Due FEBRUARY 26th! Open to 9th-12th grade

Online Google Form: https://forms.gle/2Lgba85KaLKv83fK8

Downloadable Form: can mail or email:
2020-Camp-Counselor-Application (WORD) 2020-Camp-Counselor-Application (PDF

Camper Registration Forms-Coming Soon 

4-H Camp will be held at the beautiful Camp Kiwanis on the St. Croix River, just ten miles north of Stillwater, Minnesota. This site has all the accommodations for an exciting camping experience: well-maintained buildings, spacious lawns, ample equipment, accredited staff and a safe environment away from major highways.

4-H Camp: (For campers presently in grades 3-5) June 15th-17th (Mon – Wed) Cost: $100.00
Coming Soon!

4-H Outpost Camp: (For campers presently in grades 6-7)June 15th-17th (Mon – Wed) Cost: $100.00
Coming Soon!!!

 Project Discovery Days Registration Form-Due February 6 for February 8 Days

Project Discovery Days Flyer February 2020

STEM Saturday – March 14 (Register Early to save your spot!)

STEM Flyer

Softball Rosters Due April 3, 2020

Softball Roster Registration 20

Additional Info posted soon.


4-H Scholarship Application (2019) – Must be Received by APRIL 26th! (Word) (PDF)  (NEW!)

4-H Charters  **NEW-Updated February 2018

Link contains:

  • Fill-able updated Renewal Charter Form
  • Charter Completion Guide
  • Resources for completing Financial Information


Health Form and Code of Conduct

Youth Event Health Form (PDF) – used by non-4-H members; 4-H members fill out health information in 4HOnline profile

Code of Conduct (PDF) – used by non-4-H members; 4-H members agreed to Code of Conduct in 4HOnline profile

Event Funding Request Form **NEW Updated March 2019

*New 4-H Member/Certified Adult Leader 2019 Event Funding Forms-please note the changes!

Changes have been adopted to our 2019 4-H Member/Certified Adult Leader Event Funding Forms. Please take time to read the new forms included below. The major changes have been highlighted, but include:

  • Adults receiving reimbursement must be certified 4-H Adult Leaders and
    active on 4-H Online before the event
  • Funding will be a reimbursement up to $150 per 4-H member/Certified Adult
  • If participating in a National trip, the 4-H Adult Leader’s Council will pay 50% of the trip, but the additional $150 reimbursement is not allowed on that particular trip
  • Cost of room is divided by number of 4-H Youth & Certified Adult Leaders
  • 4-H members are not eligible for transportation reimbursement. The Certified Adult Leader who transported them would be.

These changes were adopted in order to make it possible for as many youth to have the opportunity for experiences through the 4-H program. The
4-H Adult Leader Council works hard to provide youth with trips, scholarships, and meaningful award ceremonies with fundraising dollars. The reimbursement  decrease for 2019 may be able to be adjusted or increased in the future depending on fundraising efforts. Thank you for
understanding and please let us know if you have any questions.

Event funding will take place only in the months of March, June, August, and October for the 2019 year on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. at the Barron County Government Center in the East Conference Room (dates and times subject to change, will notify by Facebook, email, and/or newsletter). Please plan accordingly.

4-H Youth Member Event Funding 2018 2019

4-H Certified Adult Leader Funding 2018 2019


Scholarships & Awards Forms

   4-H Scholarship Application (2019) – Must be Received by APRIL 26th! (Word) (PDF)  (NEW!)

Kathy Holten Memorial Scholarship-pdf            Kathy Holten Memorial Scholarship -Word
-one $500 scholarship
-application due June 1st of the current year, see application for information)

Volunteer of the Year Nomination Form (Adult Volunteer Award) (1 page, 87 KB) Deadline: October 1st

2016 Barron County Fair Outstanding Dairy Exhibitor Award Application (2)

Member Evaluation Forms

See Older Member Interview page

Certificates for Award Medallions

Excellence in Project Work Certificate – for the gold project medallions

Excellence in Youth Leadership Certificate – for the Youth Leadership medallions

Secretary Book Forms

  • Secretary Book Guidelines – What to include in the club secretary book and tips for completing.

Secretary Book Guidelines (1 page, 30 KB)

The following links are to the Wisconsin 4-H website where these forms are available in editable Adobe Acrobat pdf and Microsoft Word formats.

  • Club Record Book Cover – Yellow covers used to keep required forms and records for the 4-H club secretary, treasurer, reporter and organizational leader.  (2 pages)
  • Attendance Record – Form to record a member’s attendance at meetings. (2 pages in editable Adobe Acrobat pdf and Microsoft Word formats.)
  • Calendar of Club Activities – Form to record a club’s activities by month. (2 pages in editable Adobe Acrobat pdf and Microsoft Word formats.)
  • Adult Leadership Summary  – Form on which to record demographic information on adult volunteers involved in a 4-H club, including general, organizational, assistant, project and activity leaders. (1 page in editable Adobe Acrobat pdf and Microsoft Word formats.)
  • Membership Summary – Form for clubs to record information on youth members, including name, address, parents, grade, year in 4-H and current projects. (2 pages in editable Adobe Acrobat pdf and Microsoft Word formats.)
  • Junior Leaders Summary – Form on which to record information on junior leaders and club officers involved in a 4-H club. (1 page in editable Adobe Acrobat pdf and Microsoft Word formats.)
  • Minutes of Club Meetings – Form to record meeting of a 4-H club by the club secretary, who places the completed form in the club 4-H record book. A copy of the minutes is submitted to the County UW-Extension Office. (2 pages in editable Adobe Acrobat pdf and Microsoft Word formats.)
  • Club Financial Record. See below. The club treasurer maintains this form. Include the club financial record in the secretary book at the end of the 4-H year.

Treasurer Forms

Wisconsin 4-H Fiscal Year is July 1-June 30.

Barron County Forms

Wisconsin State 4-H form to record a club’s annual financial account as the fiscal year progresses. Could be used in place of the Barron County monthly treasurer report above.