Join Barron County 4-H!!

Join 4-H in Barron County:

  • Step 1: Look at the Barron County 4-H Map; click here . . . BARRON COUNTY 4-H Club Map  (updated January 30, 2020 )and find clubs that are in your area.  You may directly contact the club leaders to find out when the club meets, what the club expectations are, how many members the club currently has and their ages, etc. to help you decide which club would best fit your family.  When you decide on a club, let the leader know you are interested in attending their next club meeting and confirm the time and place.  If you need help, call us at the Extension office or email
  • Step 2: Log on to  You will need to sign-up as a new family, and then enroll each new 4-H member and volunteer separately.  You can find directions here. Adults only need to enroll if they would like to be an official volunteer.
  • Step 3: You will receive an email confirming your registration request.  When you are approved in the 4-H online system by county staff, you will receive an official email recognized your confirmed enrollment status.  Becoming an adult volunteer involves a few more steps including, Orientation training, online Mandated Reporter Training, and a background check.  


Re-Enrollment- Begins in September, but you can become a member at any time.
**if you enroll late in the 4-H year, there might be some missed requirements for certain project areas.

Resources for Enrollment:

Enrollment Website Address:

WI 4-H Project Guide  

New Family Enrollment Guide

Re-Enrollment User Guide  

Project Leader Guide

Club Manager User Guide 


Additional Resources

National 4-H Window Contest Rules 2019

WI 4-H 2020 State and National Educational Program Calendar

WI 4-H State and National Educational Experiences 2020

WI 4-H State and National Educational Programs Quick Reference Guide 2020


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You are able to switch 4-H clubs in Barron County.  If you decide to switch to a new 4-H club, please do the following:

  • First, contact the leader of your current 4-H club and let her/him know of your plans.
  • Second, contact the leader of the club you wish to join.
  • Go online to and log in with your member information. DO NOT create a new member family!
  • Request to change clubs and wait for approval from the new 4-H Club Leader and the Barron County UW-Extension office.