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A person who applies pesticide to produce an agricultural commodity AND pesticides are applied on property that they own, rent orf their employer owns or rents.  I an applicator  does not meet BOTH parts of the definition, they are considered commercial applicators.  Example of commercial applicator:  Lawn Care company or County Highway Employee.


All manual sales will be done through the UW PAT Program.  (No county offices will have manuals for sale this year)

You can purchase your manual at this link:

Scroll down to the ‘Private Applicator Training” tab and select which category your are seeking.

WARNING:  do not purchase commercial Field & Vegetable Crops, Greenhouse & Nursery or Fruit Crop.  

Go to General Farming, Private Greenhouse & Nursery or Private Fruit Crop.


If you would like to order your manual ahead of your testing or at anytime to study, you can purchase it with this Mail Order Form.  You can download the form from this link:

The manuals are:  $40 each.  Books are assigned to each applicator, so you must each have your own book.

The manuals will be sent to the applicator using UPS and are usually delivered within four business days.  UPS does not deliver to a P.O. box!

If you have any questions, you can visit the Pat Program at or call us at 608-262-7588.


ONLINE SELF-PACED TRAINING – will be available in General Farming.

Everyone will need to register and complete the training.  You can register for the online training at this link:

When you complete the training, you will receive a “completion email that you must show the proctor to assure that they code their test 1000 (like attending a training)” and will be graded with a 50% passing grade.

You will have 14 days to complete the training online.  You will have to use the link you are given to continue if you stop part way through the training.  Continuing will take you back to the last module you did, if you don’t hit the “next” button before quitting for the day; you will have to do that module again.

The “next” buttons are timed, they do not appear until the time it takes to view the video is up.

Registration will be available at the UW-PAT store, under General Farming.

Private Greenhouse & Nursery and Fruit Crops can take the General Farming training and get the 50% pass grade.  Just like the live training.


Zoom Training will be offered in the training season months (Pass grade:  50% and Code them 1000.)

Barron County will be a training host for the General Farming Zoom training for farmers.  Register ahead through this link:

We will provide the test at the end of the Zoom training.

This option is not available for “farm groups or groups other than County Extension.”  Each attendee must be registered with their own email address to receive a Completion Certificate and the “attended training” status.


In person training will be provided by the UW PAT program staff (Pass grade 50%).

Several training sessions will be conducted around the State.  The test will be included in these sessions.

All training sessions will be posted on the UW-Extension Calendar

Registration will be done by the UW PAT store and in-person training will cost $10/person. Use this link to register:


Will be offered at one of the counties in the Extension region.

Barron County will be a testing site.  

Testing will be on specific days and times in groups.  ((We will not do 1 test at a time.)

Testing may be once a week starting in January, February, March and April.  Longer frequencies will be offered if the demand is not there.



Contact Information:

Ryan Sterry, Regional Dairy Educator


Phone:  (715) 531-1950

Kim Grover, Administrative Assistant

Barron County Extension Office

Barron County Government Center, Room 2206

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Office Phone Number:  715-537-6256

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