Resources for Answering Food Preservation and Food Safety Questions

Where can consumers in my county go for the
pressure canner dial gauge testing? The Extension HEAL website links counties that provide pressure canner dial gauge testing.

Where can I direct consumers for up-to-date food preservation information?  Direct consumers to web-based information that is research-supported:

·         National Center for Home Food Preservation

·         Wisconsin Safe Food Preservation recipes  

Where can an Extension educator find help with food safety or food preservation questions?  

While some areas may have a system in place, educators should not feel compelled to answer food safety and preservation questions outside their area of expertise. Thank the consumer for their inquiry and indicate that Extension does not have the capacity to answer food safety and/or food preservation questions at this time.

What are the options for an Extension educator who wants to increase their knowledge in food safety or food preservation? The North Central Food Safety Extension Network (NCFSEN) has an active network and work groups where colleagues learn from and support each other in food safety and food preservation. Educators are welcome to join!  More here:

To join the Network, contact: Julie Garden Robinson ( OR Cindy Brison (Nebraska

To join the Food Preservation work group: Julie Garden Robinson (

To join the Consumer Food Safety workgroup (focused on professional development for educators): Betty Feng (Purdue) (

Where can I go for help in responding to food businesses who call my office?  Educators should direct all  food business questions, including questions on license exemptions and cottage food laws, to the Licensing Team at 608-224-4923 or 

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