Thank A Barron County Master Gardener

Master Gardener Volunteer Week , April 5-9, 2021

The Wisconsin Master Gardener Program will be celebrating Master Gardener Volunteer Week April 509, 2021.

Spring Garden Expo Hydrangea Presentation

Here is the presentation on hydrangeas by Kathy Zuzek.  The presentation was given at the 2017 Barron County MGV Spring Garden Expo.  Click below for the presentation slides available in PDF format.

Best of the Best Hydrangeas for the Midwest


Winter Damage to Evergreens

The damage to evergreens that we are seeing this spring is “winter kill or “winter burn.”  The brown spots or tips of evergreens are die-back caused by a combination of things.  Winter burn results from water loss in plants during winter.  During the growing season, water is absorbed and pumped from soil into the roots of plants.  This lost water is quickly replaced as roots continue to absorb and pump water from soil into plants.  Because evergreen woody plants retain their foliage, transpiration and loss of water continue during winter.   Roots in frozen soil have no ability to replace this water and as a result, winter burn occurs as leaves desiccate, die and turn brown.

For more information on winter burn or winter kill look here . . .Winter Damage to Evergreens




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