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Barron County 4-H

Through 4-H, kids and teens complete hands-on projects in areas of interest including: arts, health, science, agriculture, civic engagement, etc. Youth can also build leadership skills and develop life skills. 4-H is unique for each individual as they choose what they want to be involved in and how much time they can commit.

4-H highlights include:

  • Open to youth in 5K-12, plus 1 year
  • Project areas for everyone
  • Fun for the whole family!!
  • Club Activities/Leadership
  • County Projects (livestock, dairy, dogs, leathercraft, horse, shooting sports, arts, STEM, more)
  • County Fair Participation
  • 4-H Camps
  • Performance Arts Festival
  • Cake, Foods, and Clothing Revue
  • In-person hands on learning; and/or virtual learning opportunities
  • State & National Experiences

4-H Calendar of Events

Barron County 4-H Ongoing Calendar of Events 

Statewide Opportunities and Events

Activities and Events Descriptions

Barron County Beacon | E-Blast

4-H Calender of Events/Updates

Calendar -please check emails and Facebook for current information.

4-H Events, News, and Activities

Barron County 4-H Clubs

Clubs, Club Contacts and Club Maps

Learn More About Barron County 4-H Clubs

All Meeting dates/times are subject to change. Contact a club leader to confirm meeting dates, times, and locations.

Columbia Livewires: The Columbia Livewires are a very easy going project focused club. They meet on the second Monday of every month at 6:30 pm on the Northwest side of Rice Lake. They have good project resources for livestock, dogs, and sheep. Some annual activities include the fair, crafts, educational field trips, annual parties, and fair gardens. Community service outreach activities include roadside clean up, Benjamin House, Food Drives, and Homeless Shelter Packages. Contact Danette Borofka at danetteborofka@gmail.com or 715-651-6444 for further information.

Cosmic Clovers: The Cosmic Clovers are a new club with a younger demographic- mostly 13 and under, they like to have fun activities (get to know each other, learn and do) every meeting. They meet on the 3rd Sunday of every month at 3 pm in the United Presbyterian Church in Rice Lake. They have good project resources for STEAM, Cultural Arts, food, and sewing. Some annual activities include a Holiday party, spring potluck at a leader’s house with a community service project, they are a new club, so we’re just getting started. Community service outreach activities include serving a meal at Benjamin’s House, and making decorations for nursing homes. Contact: Missy Bablick (715-827-0434 or missy.bablick@wisc.edu) or Cassie Ritchey (715-417-0231 or cassandraraeritchey@gmail.com)

Country Kids: The Country Kids are a small but mighty club that holds monthly meetings at 4:30 at the Turtle Lake Township Building on the second Sunday of the month. They have good project resources for crafts and horticulture. Some annual activities include roller skating and a corn maze. Community service outreach activities include bringing hats and mittens to schools and helping at the humane society and women’s shelter. They also show pigs and sheep and try to make a craft or project at every meeting. At Christmas, they choose what community group to give gifts to. They also always donate a basket of goodies for the 4-H Fair raffle. Lynn Kettenacker (715-986-2505) or Jamie Donath (randjdonath@gmail.com or 715-529-1124) Samantha Picknell (stoeberlsa@yahoo.com 715-641-1093) and Becca Zemke (becca_zemke@yahoo.com, 715-641-2214)

Country Siders: The Country Siders are a very active club. They have monthly meetings on the second Sunday at 6 pm at the Dallas Lutheran Church. They have good project resources for livestock. Some annual activities include October: Fall Family Fun Day, National 4-H Week, Window Display November: Club Banquet, Lefse Making, Bake sale, December: Christmas Party – Bingo/ gift exchange Community Service – Christmas Card Making January: Winter Activity Snow-tubing, February: Bowling/Pizza, Valentine making, April: Club pizza making May: Roadside cleanup June: June Dairy month promotion August: Fair recap/ project showcase Sept: Community service- Ridgeland Fair hillside cleanup. Contact Alicia Wirth (abwirth@chibardun.net or 715-949-1088) or Angie Harmon (aharmon@fgproducts.com or 715-296-3552) for more information.

Doyle Juniors: The Doyle Juniors club is a larger club in Barron County. They have meetings on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 3:00 PM at St Joseph Church, Rice Lake. They have good project resources for dairy, hog, and beef. Some annual activities include Softball, a Fair, a Performance Arts Festival, Kickball at a Park, Signs and Booths for the Fair, a Food Stand, and Sledding at Moon Lake. Community service outreach activities include Ring Bells for Salvation Army, picking up trash in the community, and making cards/treats for police/EMTs. Contact Cindy Broker (mcbroker9@gmail.com or 715.651.9299) or Arlaina Meyer (arlainameyer@hotmail.com or 715-554-4031) for any further questions.

Junior Beavers: This club meets on the Second Sunday of every month at 6:00 p.m. Some annual activities include arts and crafts, campfires, hay rides, picnics, and demonstrations. They have good project resources in arts, cake decorating, cloverbuds, drawing, exploring, fishing, horses, photography, shooting sports, and woodworking. Some community outreach activities include making holiday cards, roadside clean-ups, and long-term care facility work. Contact Melissa or Greg Weaver (melissa8224736@yahoo.com or 715-419-0500) 

Kids from Cameron: The Kids from Cameron is a fairly active club with many great parent volunteers willing to help. They have meetings on the second Sunday of the month at 4:00 at St. John’s Lutheran Church, Cameron. They hold a club project day where kids can get a couple of projects for the fair done during a longer meeting if they choose. Some annual activities include hosting a pancake breakfast fundraiser, planting flower pots for the community, club project day, fun outings, and Christmas parties. Community service outreach activities include a backpack program, food pantry, Salvation Army bell ringing, and flower pots for the community. Usually they will pick either one or two per year. . Contact: Jen Stovern (stoverncj@gmail.com or 715-418-3214)

Marquette Pacemakers: The Marquette Pacemakers have been around for over 60 years and are still going strong. There is something for everyone and they welcome any age to come join the fun. They have meetings every 2nd Sunday of the month at 6 pm (April-Nov) and 3 pm (Dec-March) at 4-H Clubhouse – 2101 27th Avenue Rice Lake. They have good project resources for swine and archery. Some annual activities include Pumpkin patch, Sledding, bowling, softball, family fun night, and lake day.  Community service outreach activities include Christmas Caroling, Operation Santa Claus, Food pantry, and Rice Lake Celebrity Classic Family Fun Night. Contact: Molly Dittman (mschaffer213@gmail.com, 715-296-0129) and Jeff Haughian (aqua.serv@icloud.com, 715-419-7998) Deanna Mathews (bea-u-ty@hotmail.com)

North Star: The North Star club is a smaller club with members in beef and sheep. They have meetings every other month at 4 pm on the second Sunday of the month at Hungry Hollow. They have good project resources for beef and archery. They pick a couple of activities and community service projects to do each year. Contact: Elisha Putzke (ekputzke@yahoo.com or 715-790-3683) or Diana Bazewicz (dbazewicz@hotmail.com or 715-641-0926)

Northern Lights: They meet on the third Sunday of the month at 5 pm. Some annual activities include arts and crafts, bowling, ice skating, picnics, team sports, and demonstrations. They have good project resources for arts, cloverbuds and exploring. Community outreach activities include bell ringing and bags for police/fire departments. Contact: Karen Germanson (715-236-9123 or kgermanson@gmail.com) or Jamie Kunesh (pinkbostonterrier@yahoo.com or 715-790-0938)

Peppy Pals: They meet on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 6:00 PM. Annual activities include arts and crafts, bowling, parades, picnics, demonstrations, guest speakers, and tours. They like to participate in food drives, making holiday cards, volunteering at the animal shelter as well as a toy and hat/mitten drive. Contact: Tori White (tbrown860@hotmail.com or 715-418-0054) or Katrina Chovan (chovaninc@chibardun.net or 715-455-1104)

Poskin Jets: The Poskin Jets have a lot of younger members and always look forward to new members! They value having the older members teach the younger members all of the endless opportunities in 4-H. They also have snacks at every meeting. They have meetings every 2nd Sunday of the month, except during June and July at 5 pm at Clinton Town Hall in Poskin. They have good project resources for Cultural Arts, Dairy, and Sheep. Community service outreach activities include ringing bells for the Salvation Army, Gifts from the Heart, Christmas door hangers/ornaments for the elderly, and May baskets for the elderly. They have a full schedule every year. Contact:Danielle Klatt (daniellejklatt@gmail.com or 715-563-5144) or Kristi Hoff (khoff1@charter.net or 715-205-3166)

Prairie Farm Pals: The Prairie Farm Pals is a club for people looking for low commitment. Meetings are scheduled for the 2nd Monday of the month at 4 pm and are held at the United Lutheran Church in Prairie Farm. Some annual activities include snow tubing. Community service outreach activities include roadside cleanup and food stands at the fair. Contact: Becky Seggbrecht (beckysegebrecht@gmail.com or 715-505-1413).

Prairie Hustlers: The Prairie Hustlers have many young members and want to welcome all who are interested in 4H. They have meetings at 3 pm on the 2nd Sunday of the month in Cameron Elementary/ Canton Methodist Church. They have good project resources for Dogs, Archery, Woodworking, Dairy, and Photography. Some annual activities include a Christmas Party, an Easter Egg Hunt, and a Club Picnic. Community service outreach activities include Roadside cleanup and Ruby’s Pantry. Contact: Kirsten Huth (khuth@chibardun.net or 715-764-2097) or Andrea Ewings (ewingsak@gmail.com, 715-404-0959)

Prairie Lake Eagles: The Prairie Lake Eagles are a small but active club. Strong youth voices with officer roles that are open to any youth who are able, and members are active in MANY project areas. They have meetings on the 3rd Sunday of the month at noon in Chetek. They have good project resources for Animal projects (dog, cat, sheep, dairy, horse, rabbit) and cultural arts /crafts. Some annual activities include sledding, camping, and pizza parties.  Community service outreach activities include Holiday cards for veterans and nursing home residents, yard clean-up, roadside clean-up, cemetery clean-up, and sewing book bags for the library. Contact: Joyce Nelson (715-458-1944). Shawna Skoug ourhavenfarm@citizens-tel.net

Section Ten: They meet on the second Sunday of every month at 1:30. Annual activities include crafts, a corn maze, hay rides, a petting zoo, picnics, a water park, and demonstrations. They have good project resources in arts, beef, cloverbuds, dairy, and dogs. For community outreach, they focus on roadside clean-up. planting gardens, care packages, homeless shelter packages, leaf raking, and pet shelters. Contact: Tamala Anderson (tanderson@ricelake.com or 715-419-0421)

Vermillion Cruisers: The Vermillion Cruisers have a wide variety in age of kids with parents who are always willing to help. They have meetings on the Second Sunday of the month at 5:30 or 6 pm in the First Lutheran Church in Cumberland. They have good project resources for livestock and archery. Some annual activities include Slay Rides, tubing, softball, crafts, and kickball. Community service outreach activities include Garbage pick up and taking care of the flowers at church. Contact: Heather Colburn (bhcol357@gmail.com or 715-357-6404) or Michelle Stouffer (michelleleigh1@yahoo.com or 715-822-2823) or Emily Drafall (dedrafall@gmail.com or 715-419-0629)

Special Interest: SPIN members are members who have a Special Interest in a specific topic. Many youth and their families like the experience of being a part of 4-H, yet cannot commit to a year-long 4-H club experience. While SPIN members don’t meet with a club, they can participate in all county and state projects and activities. Projects may or may not have local volunteer support. Contact: 4h@co.barron.wi.us or 715-537-6253

Barron County Project and Opportunities Center

Wisconsin 4-H Project Resources

Project Resources

For information about Barron County 4-H project volunteers and resources, please contact the Extension office.

Project Index and Descriptions (Starts on Page 9)

Youth Involvement


Youth in grades K-2 are 4-H Cloverbuds. They explore 4-H through hands-on activities and participating with members.

Cloverbuds: Learn More

Youth in grades K-2 are unique and special and wonderful. Activities in the Cloverbud Project are designed to meet their needs at an age appropriate level while having fun with hands-on, engaging activities. Some of the activities a youth can try with the Wisconsin 4-H Cloverbud project include:

  • Experimenting with science, technology, engineering, and math
  • Exploring their creative side with theater and visual arts
  • Diving into animal and plant science
  • Learning about themselves and others
  • Giving back to their communities through service projects
  • Many more activities

Wisconsin 4-H Cloverbud Project Information and Resources

4-H Members

4-H Youth in grades 3-13 (one year post HS graduation) are able to choose the projects they are involved in. 

Members: Learn More

4-H Youth in grades 3-13 (one year post HS graduation) are able to choose the projects they are involved in.  Not all project areas have project volunteers in Barron County.  But many do.  Please explore the Projects page for county specific project groups.  Additional information is posted in newsletters, via email and on the calendar of events.

4-H Projects are specific areas of interest for 4-H members and volunteers. Projects cover a wide variety of topics from animals, science, arts, and beyond. Explore the different project areas below and find more information on a project that you are interested in!

Barron County Project Information

Check out the Wisconsin 4-H Project Guide for a complete list.

Youth Leaders

4-H members can enroll as youth leaders in project areas or serve in leadership roles in their clubs.

Youth Leaders: Learn More

There are many opportunities for youth to serve as leaders in 4-H. They can serve as youth representatives on the Leaders Council or in their clubs. They can also serve as youth project leaders. We also have a team of youth at the Middle and High School levels who meet throughout the year to plan activities and complete service projects. Contact the Extension office to get involved.


  • Have an interest in promoting 4-H
  • Have a positive, enthusiastic attitude
  • Be a good role model for younger members
  • Be responsible, accountable,  dedicated and willing to follow through on responsibilities


  • New Friendships and Lots of Fun
  • Marketable skills such as leadership, communication and teamwork
  • Great experience for college applications and resumes

How to Join Barron County 4-H

Learn How to Join

Youth and volunteers can join 4-H anytime. However, some projects have deadlines that might affect eligibility for certain things such as fair participation. Current members should re-enroll in September each year, but can complete their membership at any time.

Age categories as youth grow with 4-H explained:

Cloverbuds: Youth in grades K-2 or 5 years old as of September 1st of the Kindergarten year. Cloverbuds are enrolled solely in Cloverbud projects.

Members: Youth in grades 3 and up to one year post graduation can participate as regular members.

**Grade is determined by registration into the school district during the 4-H enrollment period. When a child exhibits at the fair, they are enrolled under the grade that they just completed, not the grade they will be entering in Fall after the fair.Types of Membership

Information about Joining Barron County 4-H

Re-Enrollment- Begins in September, but you can become a member at any time.
**if you enroll late in the 4-H year, there might be some missed requirements for certain project areas.

Resources for Enrollment:

Enrollment Website Address:  https://wi.4honline.com

New to 4-H and Interested in Joining? It’s easy just follow the steps below!

Step 1

Look at the Barron County 4-H Map; click here  4-H Club Leader Map and Contact Information  (coming soon) and find clubs that are in your area.  You may directly contact the club leaders to find out when the club meets, what the club expectations are, how many members the club currently has and their ages, etc. to help you decide which club would best fit your family.  When you decide on a club, let the leader know you are interested in attending their next club meeting and confirm the time and place.  If you need help, call us at the Extension office or email sara.waldron@wisc.edu

Step 2

Look through the project guide and determine which projects you are listed in.  You can pick as many projects as you want, some are supported with volunteers and some are on your own.  Just because you sign-up does not mean you are required to complete it.  Projects should represent what you show at the fair.

Step 3

Step 4

You will receive an email confirming your registration request.  When you are approved in the 4-H online system by county staff, you will receive an official email recognized your confirmed enrollment status.  Becoming an adult volunteer involves a few more steps including, Orientation training, online Mandated Reporter Training, and a background check.  

Types of Membership

Community Club Membership

As a community club member, youth choose a club to join and meet with others throughout the year. Each club has a club leader who regularly communicates with members; and in most community clubs youth officers are elected to guide the activities of the club. Barron County has 20 active 4-H Clubs. Club sizes range from 10 members to 60 members! Families can join any club at any time, or start a new one! In addition to club activities, members can also choose to participate in organized projects, groups and individual efforts.

Special Interest Membership

SPIN members are members who have a Special Interest in a specific topic. Many youth and their families like the experience of being a part of 4-H, yet are unable to commit to a year-long 4-H club experience. While SPIN members don’t meet with a club, they can participate in all county and state projects and activities. Projects may or may not have local volunteer support.


Volunteers help make 4-H possible. 4-H volunteers work with staff to deliver educational programs in nearly 100 project areas and provide additional opportunities for youth and families!

Once you find a club that is right for your family sign up using the online 4-H enrollment program —  4-H Online and follow these directions for Enrolling in 4HOnline.  

If you would like help navigating the process feel free to call the Extension Barron County office for guidance. Just explain that you are looking into joining a 4-H club and we’ll connect you with the right person, 715-788-6219

Fair, Forms, and Resources

Barron County Fair Information

Barron County Fair Information

First Time to the Fair? Check out these What to Expect Sheets!

Visit the Barron County Fair Website at http://barroncountyfair.com/.  This is where you can find the Fair Book!

For information about entries, see the Fair Book or contact Fair Secretary, Jacque Schaffer, at 715-296-0440 or 715-736-FAIR.  The most up to date Fair Book is available on the fair website.  To follow the fair on Facebook, log in and search for Barron County Fair.

Junior Leaders Food Stand Form

Junior Leader Food Stand Manager Needed

The Barron County 4-H Junior Leaders Food Stand is a popular stand at the Barron County Fair. It is known for its malts and shakes, and serves other foods in addition.  All work in the stand is coordinated by Food Stand Managers, including deciding on menu, shopping, scheduling and training workers, handling money, set up and clean up.  Usually, two or three youth take on the duties together, as managers are also expected to coordinate their time at the fair so the stand has a manager at all times.

Junior Leaders Food Stand managers are paid for their time.  Managers receive $100 each plus they split 20% of the food stand profits.  

Any 4-H youth (16 and older) can apply for the Food Stand Manager position. To be a successful candidate, you should have worked at the food stand previously, have money handling experience and customer service experience.  Applicants will be interviewed by the Junior Leaders adult advisors.  The application form is due May 5, 2021

Application Information

Camp Forms and Camp Counselor Applications

Camp Counselor Applications are Due Friday, April 16, via mail, or email.  Application can be found here: Camp Counselor Application

Awards and Recognition – Special Award Information

Secretary Book

Secretary Book Forms

Secretary Book Guidelines

The following links are optional forms that can be used in Secretary books. Club Secretaries can use any forms they choose.

  • Club Record Book Cover – Yellow covers used to keep required forms and records for the 4-H club secretary, treasurer, reporter and organizational leader.  (2 pages)
  • Attendance Record – Form to record a member’s attendance at meetings. (2 pages in editable Adobe Acrobat pdf and Microsoft Word formats.)
  • Calendar of Club Activities – Form to record a club’s activities by month. (2 pages in editable Adobe Acrobat pdf and Microsoft Word formats.)
  • Adult Leadership Summary  – Form on which to record demographic information on adult volunteers involved in a 4-H club, including general, organizational, assistant, project and activity leaders. (1 page in editable Adobe Acrobat pdf and Microsoft Word formats.)
  • Membership Summary – Form for clubs to record information on youth members, including name, address, parents, grade, year in 4-H and current projects. (2 pages in editable Adobe Acrobat pdf and Microsoft Word formats.)
  • Junior Leaders Summary – Form on which to record information on junior leaders and club officers involved in a 4-H club. (1 page in editable Adobe Acrobat pdf and Microsoft Word formats.)
  • Minutes of Club Meetings – Form to record meeting of a 4-H club by the club secretary, who places the completed form in the club 4-H record book. A copy of the minutes is submitted to the County UW-Extension Office. (2 pages in editable Adobe Acrobat pdf and Microsoft Word formats.)
  • Club Financial Record. See Treasurer Forms. The club treasurer maintains this form. Include the club financial record in the secretary book at the end of the 4-H year.

Treasurer Forms

Treasurer Forms

Wisconsin 4-H Fiscal Year is July 1-June 30.

Barron County Forms (optional use)

Wisconsin State 4-H form to record a club’s annual financial account as the fiscal year progresses. Could be used in place of the Barron County monthly treasurer report above.

Youth Adult Partnerships – Running a Club Meeting

Youth Adult Partnerships are important in 4-H.  Whether youth are 6, 10, or 16–their voice matters.  Club meetings are a great way to show that youth voice matters in your club.  Here are some resources to help your meetings be a success.

4-H Curriculum Inventory

4-H Curriculum Inventory

Here is a list of all 4-H Curriculum Books and recourses with the ability to be checked out.

4-H Club/Group Charter Information

4-H Charters  **NEW-Updated August 2022

4-H Charter and Annual Renewal Process

Scholarship Applications and Information

4-H Scholarship Application 

The  Barron County Scholarship Application is available to all 4-H youth meeting the listed criteria.  A minimum of 2-$500 scholarships will be given.  To be eligible for the Barron County 4-H Scholarship, you must:

  1. Be a member of 4-H for at least three years, currently enrolled and achieved in 4-H the previous year.
  2. Be graduating from 4-H in the current year.
  3. Be attending or planning to attend a 4-year college, 2-year technical college or other accredited post-secondary training program.

Scholarship Application Word | PDF

Kathy Holten Memorial Scholarship

One $500 scholarship will be awarded to an individual enrolled in the Barron County 4-H
program and planning to graduate from 4-H this year.

Kathy Holten Memorial Scholarship-pdf            Kathy Holten Memorial Scholarship -Word
-one $500 scholarship
-application due June 1st of the current year, see application for information)

Event Funding Requests

Event Funding Request Form **Current 4/18/2022

Event Funding Forms

Youth Event Funding Form (Doc | PDF)

Adult Event Funding Form (Doc | PDF)

Intent to apply (Trip funding – new for 2022-2023)

Achievement Policy

In order to achieve in any Barron County 4-H Year, youth members must:
1. Do a demonstration speech.
2. Exhibit a project item at the county fair or other community event pre-approved by the club
3. Submit a Member Yearly Plan and Record (ex. record book or electronic MPE forms).

Achievement Policy (updated April 2023)

Record/Showcase Information (Record Book)

Record Books  (April 2023)

Cloverbud Book – Youth in Grades K-2 may complete the Cloverbud Book and turn it in to their club General Leader to receive a ribbon at the Awards Program: Cloverbud Yearly Plan and Record

Barron County 4-H Record/Showcase

Record keeping and reflection are two valuable skills that can be practiced and learned in 4-H.  No matter how you choose to keep records and/or reflect on your work, this process is a great way to keep a permanent record of your 4‐H experience.

Why complete a record/showcase?

  • Opportunity to reflect on learning and Look back on your accomplishments
  • Improve/learn communication skills
  • Information you need to complete future applications for jobs, scholarships, college, 4‐H interviews, and much more. 
  • All the information you need will be in one place! 
  • Learn life skills!

All members of the Barron County 4‐H program are encouraged to complete a record/showcase as a requirement for achieving in the current 4‐H year.  The following pages explain the Barron County 4-H Record/Showcase process.

Record books are important for many reasons and also allow members to achieve in 4-H open them up to additional opportunities.  If you don’t know how to complete a record book, please check out the Record Book Guide which walks you step by step through the forms.  You can also watch the following video for a quick overview of the record book: https://youtu.be/h4_cyrKFco8

For Forms and Additional Information visit: https://sites.google.com/wisc.edu/bcrecord

Record Book Cover **if you would like a green cardstock cover, the Extension office has copies (you can get copies of every form there)

Awards Information – Youth and Volunteer Criteria and nomination information:

Barron County 4-H Special Awards Nominations

Barron County 4-H Special Awards Nomination (PDF)

Barron County Key Award Application

Record Book Score Sheets and Related Forms

Project Medallion List (pdf)
Request for sticker ribbons (pdf)
Generic Achievement Report and Awards Order Form (pdf) (All clubs will be sent a form with members’ names filled in)

Leaders Association

Barron County 4-H Leaders Council

BARRON COUNTY 4-H Leaders Council

Barron County 4-H Adult Leaders Association Monthly Council Meeting
August 2023 Minutes
June 2023 Minutes
May 2023 Minutes
April 2023 Minutes
March 2023 Minutes
February 2023 Minutes
January 2023 Minutes
October, 2022 (Minutes )
September 20, 2022 (Agenda | Minutes )
August 16, 2022 (Agenda | *Minutes)
June 21, 2022 (Agenda | Minutes)
May 17, 2022 (Agenda | Minutes)
April 19, 2022 (Annual Meeting)
March 15, 2022 (Agenda | Minutes)
February 15, 2022 (Agenda | Minutes)
November 2021 (Agenda | Minutes)
October 2021 (Agenda | Minutes)

Barron County 4-H Leaders Association

Barron County 4-H Adult Leaders Association Annual Meetings
Fall Leaders Meeting – September 19, 2023 (Agenda)
Spring Leaders Meeting – April 18, 2023 (Agenda | Achievement for Review)
Fall Leaders Meeting – September 20, 2022 (Agenda | Bylaws for Review)
Spring Leaders Meeting-April 19, 2022 (Agenda | *Minutes)
Fall Leaders Meeting, September 21, 2021 (AgendaMinutes)

*Minutes are posted when approved

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