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Strong Couples Program

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Being in a relationship is not always easy- love takes learning.  Whether you need help or just want to strengthen your relationship, finding trustworthy support can be difficult. UW-Madison Division of Extension is partnering with the University of Illinois Extension to provide an educational program for couples here in Wisconsin. This Strong Couples program uses proven tools that increase relationships and individual well-being.

The Strong Couples Program is:

  • Six self-paced online modules. Topics include communication, commitment, problem-solving, and fun and friendship.
  • Five brief video calls with a trained coach.
  • Free!

Register here: https://parenting.extension.wisc.edu/strong-couples/

Supporting Families and Children Processing Scary and Violent Events


Young Children


  • Talking to Children About Scary events (English and Spanish) as part of our Parenting the Preschooler series.
  • Death and Grief in Parenting the Preschooler may also be appropriate.



Authored by: Anne CS Clarkson, MPH, PhD, Senior Outreach Specialist, Human Development & Relationships Institute, UW-Madison, Division of Extension


Parenting Education Opportunities

UW-Madison, Division of Extension, Barron County is a reliable resource for parent education.  We offer a variety of parenting educational opportunities and resources.  If you do not see what you need please contact Missy Bablick at 715-788-6217 or missy.bablick@wisc.edu, and we will do our best to connect you with the resources or education you are seeking.

Online Parenting Classes

Join UW-Madison Division of Extension colleagues from across the state of Wisconsin for free online parenting class every 3rd Thursday at 1 PM. Connect with other parents. Get practical, positive parenting ideas. Help children grow. For more information, registration, and a full schedule for 2023- 2024 classes click here

Positive Parenting Program Education

Positive Parenting Program for Children 0-12 (Registry Credit available)

Positive Parenting Program for Children 12-16

Education for parents with young children (4-7)

Raising a Thinking Child Classes (Registry Credit available)

Fit and Healthy Kids (Registry Credit available)

Supporting parents through change

Parents Forever (Co-Parenting) Classes

Monthly Resilient Co-Parenting Classes

Supporting Children with Incarcerated Parents

Father Education

Focus on Fathers

Anywhere Dads Podcast (for incarcerated fathers and their families)

Building Strong Families

Online resources

Just in Time Parenting Newsletter

E-Parenting online resources

Other parenting resources 

Financial Education Opportunities



  • This interactive program helps adults cope with stress & difficult times.
  • WeCOPE has been shown to reduce stress and depression, increase positive affect, and improve healthy behaviors.
  • Managing life’s challenges in healthy ways allows participants to take better care of themselves and others.
  • This 6 week program meets via Zoom once a week for 1 hour.
  • Participants gain the most from the program when they are able to practice skills between sessions

Next Series Dates June 5th- July 10th, 2024



 Cost: FREE

Register here upcoming WeCOPE class

Contact Missy Bablick to schedule a training series with your staff, organization, or volunteer group.

Phone: 715-788-6217

Email: missy.bablick@wisc.edu

Pressure Canner Testing and Food Safety

Free Pressure Canner lid testing available

Safe Changes and Substitutions

Remaking Jams and Jellies

Send in your gauge to be tested for free

Call for an appointment

Missy Bablick
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Phone: 715-788-6217
Email: missy.bablick@wisc.edu

UW Extension Publications – Food preservation

Food safety and health resources

Bridge to Self-Sufficiency

Home and Community Education

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If you have any questions regarding Health, Family & Finance programming and resources in Barron County, please contact:

Missy Bablick
Human Development Relationship Educator
Barron County – UW Extension
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Phone: 715-788-6217
Email: missy.bablick@wisc.edu

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