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Parenting Education Opportunities

UW-Madison, Division of Extension, Barron County is a reliable resource for parent education.  We offer a variety of parenting educational opportunities and resources.  If you do not see what you need please contact Missy Bablick at 715-537-6254 or, and we will do our best to connect you with the resources or education you are seeking.

Positive Parenting Program Education

Positive Parenting Program for Children 0-12

Positive Parenting Program for Children 12-16

Education for parents with young children (4-7)

Raising a Thinking Child Classes

Supporting parents through change

Parents Forever (Co-Parenting) Classes

Father Education

Focus on Fathers

Anywhere Dads Podcast

Building Strong Families

online resources

E-Parenting online resources

Other parenting resources 

Financial Education Opportunities



  • This interactive program helps adults cope with stress & difficult times.
  • WeCOPE has been shown to reduce stress and depression, increase positive affect, and improve healthy behaviors.
  • Managing life’s challenges in healthy ways allows participants to take better care of themselves and others.
  • This 6 week program meets via Zoom once a week for 45 minutes.
  • Participants gain the most from the program when they are able to practice skills between sessions

2022 Dates: Series of 6

Wednesday’s January 19-Feb 23 Or  June 15– July 20

 Time:    11:30 am– 12:15 pm

 Location: Online via Zoom

 Cost: FREE

Register here for WeCOPE

Contact Missy Bablick to schedule a training series with your staff, organization, or volunteer group.

Phone: 715-537-6254




Pressure Canner Testing and Food Safety

Free Pressure Canner lid testing available

Call for an appointment

Missy Bablick
335 E Monroe Avenue, Room 2206
Barron, WI 54812-1540
Phone: 715-537-6254

UW Extension Publications – Food preservation

Food safety and health resources

Bridge to Self-Sufficiency

Home and Community Education

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding Health, Family & Finance programming and resources in Barron County, please contact:

Missy Bablick
Human Development Relationship Educator
Barron County – UW Extension
335 E Monroe Avenue, Room 2206
Barron, WI 54812-1540
Phone: 715-537-6254
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